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Spring Cleaning! - For your Finances

                           Now is the time! You're most likely here because you feel like you need to clean up your finances. Am I right? What does it mean to have dirty finances? Why are finances a dirty topic? Why did I finance a washer and dryer to clean up my act?? Who made it so hard to stick to my Christmas budget ? All these questions and more answered below! But seriously, we're going to dive into some common financial issues that have made it hard to keep everything straight throughout the years, so strap in! Missing a Clear Picture The biggest thing that kept me from getting my finances cleaned up is  I wasn't ready to see the whole picture. That's the most important idea for you to get out of this post. I spent months upon months getting my budget setup using Intuit Mint and moving all of my monthly spending between spreadsheets just to come up short in my bank account time and time again.  The further I dove into my own life the more I realized I was pushin