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Lending Club - A User Review

I recently applied for a personal loan through the up and coming loan company called Lending Club to take care of some appliance purchases I'm doing for my home. It ended up being a much larger hassle than I expected and Lending Club came out the shining star in a field of ashes so I've tossed together a quick run down of my experience that might be useful to one or two of you. Picture by Simon Cunningham, If you don't know Lending Club is a new loan program launching us into the future of online, easy to get loans without any risk to a single group using peer to peer lending. They do this by acting as the middle man, holding the documents and interfacing with the customers. On the back end your loan is supplied by many different groups of funds to make out the amount you're searching for. It's an extraordinary option for investers and loan recipients alike. You can read more about it here , which is also where that picture came from. Summa