Why everybody is still going crazy over real estate, and the reason I chose this for my investments

     Photo by Kvnga on Unsplash   Growing up through my very early 20s in the real world and in the military everybody was always talking about real estate. The owner of the company I worked for at the time started out in rental properties and used that money to buy his first business. Many higher-ups in the military spouted constantly about their 8-10 properties they own/manage.  I kept hearing about it everywhere I went and I've always wanted to do something with my life. I tried multiple small businesses out of my second-story apartment that eventually failed due to my lack of enthusiasm for the idea. I'd write it all up, make fliers, and post them all over my tiny town in Missouri. After a week or two of no responses or bogus spam, I'd give up and slowly slither back into my hole. I eventually developed the idea that business ownership just wasn't for me. That was my mindset at the time. I've since come to realize, through various books and mentors, that busine

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