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Why I Switched to iPhone on my Real Estate Journey

Why I Switched to iPhone on my Real Estate Journey   Summary   Hey guys welcome back to my page. Today I'd like to jump into one of my personal financial decisions that effectively changed the way I live my life with the simple idea of getting myself one step closer to financial independence through real estate. What'd I'd like to try to do here is get some of you into my state of mind and how I tackle every day issues when It comes to finances. I’m not a big money wizard working with 100s of thousands of dollars. I’m an ordinary father and husband trying to accomplish extraordinary goals by making simple changes to my everyday life. How could it possibly make sense for me to become an iPhone person and SAVE money on my phone bill? Keep reading to find out.   Backstory   To kind of get things started off here I’d like to just say I’ve never been a person big on material possessions or jumping on the latest trends to impress the people around me. Luckily at a young age I dis